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Pro BSL Experts - An objective source?

An Objective Resource or "Bully pulpit?"

Almost every Pro-BSL article or argument cites to for the proposition that 1) Pit bulls are the most dangerous dogs and 2) that BSL is an efficient, fair and workable way to deal with the dog bite "epidemic." I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here, but there have been others who have looked into this site, in order to determine whether it is an objective resource.

February 11, 2011

This blog is the most recent, and can be read in its entirety here.  There is also a blog dated June 24th 2010 entitled Debunking which can be read here. The February blog deals in part with the HSUS flip flop on euthanising fighting dogs, but if you read further, there is information about Coleen Lynn, who is the person behind The author makes the following point:

1.  “[Lynn said] all fighting dogs should be euthanized because they are too unstable…Despite temperament tests given by some shelters, Lynn said a dog that has been trained to fight will always be a risk to people and their pets.”

This despite the rehabilitation of Vick's fighting dogs, and the recent bill passed in Florida requiring evaluation of fighting dogs before euthanasia.  At no point in the article is Lynn's scientific basis for her wide ranging opinions provided or even probed. The author concludes, "So, which should the public, elected officials, and the media trust, the findings of a scientist/researcher who is an expert in the training, behavior, and anatomy of bulldog breeds, or the opinion of a former dog bite victim who offers up junk science and faulty statistics and who just might have an agenda?

The June 24th article is even more detailed on the flawed manner in which provideds statistics and is a must read.

March 27, 2010

Brent Toellner did a piece back in March of 2010 on KC Dog Blog, which can be read in its entirety here. Quoting liberally from Brent's aritcle, "(D) is simply a website run almost entirely by an individual person who has an expertise in web design, access to google, and a desire to seek revenge on an attack that happened to her several years ago. Those are the qualifications behind the website. (D) is a website run by Colleen Lynn. In June of 2007, Lynn was an unfortunate victim of a dog bite while she was out jogging. Because of the dog bite, by a dog that is said to be a 'pit bull', Lynn decided to create the website According to the original "about us" section of the website, the intent of the website was (to): -- Distinguish which breeds of dogs are dangerous to have in neighborhoods (and)-- Help enact laws to regulate the ownership of these breeds.