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Colleen Lynn - Seattle Animal Control Records

Colleen Lynn - Seattle Animal Control Records
What Really Happened on June 17, 2007

The Evolution of a Preventable Accident to the Myth of a Vicious Pit Bull Attack

scenephotosmall Scene of the June 17, 2007, Incident

I.  Introduction 

For the first time anywhere on the web, you will be able to view, in their entirety, the Seattle Animal Control Records regarding the investigation of the June 17, 2007 bite incident involving Colleen Lynn. The link to the records will be at the end of this article. The addresses and phone numbers of the dog owner and dogwalker have been redacted, in an attempt to protect their privacy and prevent harassment. I am not sure these precautions will be effective. Ms. Lynn has had a copy of these records since 6/29/07 and has already made the photo of the dog involved public through her colleague Craven Desires here. As you can see, there has already been harassment of the dog owner. I have also redacted Ms. Lynn's information, but since she has moved to Austin, it is superfluous.

Read more... Sees ASPCA Conspiracy in Cane Corso Killing

rottweiler Sees ASPCA Conspiracy in Changing Breed
Of Dog In Cane Corso Killing

As you know, I have been following's reporting of the Cane Corso incident.  Apparently, they see a conspiracy by the ASPCA in trying to change the dog breed involved from a Pit Bull to a Cane Corso (Yes, I know Pit Bull is not a breed of dog).  Here is a quote from their site on the issue:

Initially, we were concerned that the ASPCA -- a Manhattan-based pro-pit bull group -- would try to pull a fast one by mislabeling the breed.

They go on to to say:

Our concern now is Dread, who has no "cane corso" friends on Facebook, but plenty of pit bull friends, primarily bully breeders. Craven Desires' aptly theorizes that Dread's corso-cross was used in bully kennel breeding operations.

There is absolutely no evidence to support any of these allegations.  The ASPCA would put in jeopardy their credibility by labeling a Pit Bull a Cane Corso?  In a fatal incident that will see and has seen a tremendous amount of publicity? Incredible allegations.

The breeding "theory" is based on the owner's Facebook friends? Note the implication that again, the dog involved is a Cane Corso cross-not simply a Cane Corso.  This is simply a backdoor attempt to reclassify what has now been agreed by all the media to be a Cane Corso.  And by coupling the dog involved with Pit Bull breeding, they can now justify the Pit Bull label. Of course, the fact that there is not one shred of evidence of such facts does not stop them from trying to poison the well before real facts become available.

Is this any way to present an objective analysis of the breed involved and the facts surrounding this tragic incident? -Calling Cane Corso In Mauling a Pit Bull Mix Calling Cane Corso in Mauling a Pit Bull Mix 


Despite Contrary News Reports To Which They Link is calling the Cane Corso in the New York City mauling a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix.  I'm not going to send you to their site, because that would just legitimize it. But the big headline in the article reads:

"The alleged killer dog, which appears to be a cane corso-pit bull mix, is depicted on Dread's Facebook page, as well as in many news articles."

And who says it "appears" to be a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix? Not the New York Times that initially reported the story here. Not even the New York Post, the news source that links to. Nor does the other New York Post article they link to, which describes the dog as a Mastiff. 

So to whom does it appear to be a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix? No experts are cited.  At this point we are not even sure if the pictures we are seeing are the dog in question.  

In my opinion, the dog is being labelled a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix, to meet's announced agenda: to promote fear and thereby create panic legislation to ban pit bulls. 

I am going to be following this story closely, and monitoring coverage by to see how they handle it.  Stay tuned.

We're Right and Everyone Else is "A Nutter"


We're Right and Everyone Else is "A Nutter"


To say that has a superiority complex would be putting it mildly.  Looking at the statements on their website, the impression given is that they're right, and everyone else is a "pitbull nutter." I have never seen the level of anger, virtrol and on what many consider a mainstream website.  It's one thing to disagree with your opponents, and it is another to make personal and vindictive attacks.  Of course, the fact that feels the need to resort to such tactics says more about the weakness of their position than any arguments their adversaries may make.   

To illustrate this, let's take a look at the statements made by "maultalk" which is described as "a guide to understanding the language of pit bull owners and advocates — (It) is a collective and ongoing project. and members of our community are the authors of this website." (Emphasis added). Of course, the comments by the "community members" cannot be critiqued because we don't know who is making them.