Last updateFri, 04 Jul 2014 5pm -Calling Cane Corso In Mauling a Pit Bull Mix Calling Cane Corso in Mauling a Pit Bull Mix 


Despite Contrary News Reports To Which They Link is calling the Cane Corso in the New York City mauling a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix.  I'm not going to send you to their site, because that would just legitimize it. But the big headline in the article reads:

"The alleged killer dog, which appears to be a cane corso-pit bull mix, is depicted on Dread's Facebook page, as well as in many news articles."

And who says it "appears" to be a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix? Not the New York Times that initially reported the story here. Not even the New York Post, the news source that links to. Nor does the other New York Post article they link to, which describes the dog as a Mastiff. 

So to whom does it appear to be a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix? No experts are cited.  At this point we are not even sure if the pictures we are seeing are the dog in question.  

In my opinion, the dog is being labelled a Cane Corso Pit Bull Mix, to meet's announced agenda: to promote fear and thereby create panic legislation to ban pit bulls. 

I am going to be following this story closely, and monitoring coverage by to see how they handle it.  Stay tuned.

Amanda Pimentel 30.05.2011 (21:33:55)  

Uhhh... only thing... how cane a dog be mixed with a "Pit Bull" when a Pit Bull isn't even a breed of dog....

LOL @ the ignorance of humans.

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