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Colleen Lynn Changes the Story of Her Dog Bite, Again

Lynn Continues the "Mythology" of Her Dogbite Story
by Asserting the Dog Broke Free and Attacked

We previously did an in-depth analysis of the mythology of Colleen Lynn's dog bite, which can be read in its entirety here. If you haven't read it yet, do so. It will open your eyes to what we called the evolution of a preventable accident to the myth of a vicious pit bull attack. It will also give you a context in which to understand this article.

After our story was reported, (DBO) described the attack as follows:


(screen shot from DBO, Nov. 16, 2013; as of the date of this article's publication, this is is still the official account). Note that in this version, the pit bull is leashed. And yet, despite this well thought out description of the "attack"  on the DBO website, Ms. Lynn cannot fight the temptation to retreat back to the myth that she created before our report. In an article published November 15, 2013, Ms. Lynn states to a reporter:


I have stopped counting the versions of the attack Ms. Lynn has told since the original incident, and the inconsistencies from one account to another. We should point out that the startled dog in her case did immediately let go. But really, all of these matters are covered in our previous report.

You would think that Ms. Lynn could at least, at this point, keep her story consistent with that reported with calm calculation on her own website. Apparently not. Here, in two screenshots, one can see the stark difference in the story that was carefully crafted for her website, and the emotional discussion with a reporter where she could not resist reverting back to the original "story" she told to create the mythology of the incident.

Such a cavalier attitude towards the truth infects not only Lynn's  own dogbite story, but DBO's statistics, legal analysis and reports of the sucess of breed-discriminatory legislation.



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