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Colleen Lynn Charges Copyright Infringement

Colleen Lynn Has FuZupf's U-Tube Video Removed
Based on Alleged Copyright Infringement 

In August, Pit Bulletin Legal News broke the story of Colleen Lynn's infamous Seattle, Washington pit bull attack.  Recently we were contacted by a YouTube user asking permission to use the information and material in a video version of the story.  Since all of the information in the PBLN article is a matter of public record the user was given our approval to use the information.

Shortly after posting the video, FuZupf contacted PBLN concerning a notification received from YouTube that a copyright violation complaint had been filed by Colleen Lynn, Founder of

The information provided from the PBLN report was all public record.  We contacted YouTube, a subsidiary of to inquire about their process.  I was then directed to the legal department via email contact.  To date, I have not received a response to the inquiry made about their counter-notification procedure.

It appears that the only "copyright" objection in the video were excerpts of Lynn's story entitled "Don't Believe Everything You Hear."  Fuzupf has repackaged the video without any reference to that story, which should remove Lynn's copyright objection. The "new" video can be seen below.

Lynn's story "Don't Believe Everything You Hear" is written in the first person, and it paints a very vivid and unflattering portrait of the author.  It was originally posted by Lynn herself on Scribd. A West Coast blogger linked to it and commented on how mentally unbalanced Lynn's portrayal seemed.  In response, Lynn contacted Scribd and had the story removed. Her objection to having her own story previously posted on the internet were repeated when FuZupf included some snippets from it in the original video.

Ms. Lynn herself has been guilty of violating copyright protected material.  In fact, since went live she has used others material to pad her pages with information that influences not only personal opinions, but political decisions as well.

For instance, in the beginning, Ms. Lynn copied and pasted direct from the web site of Casa del Toro, a responsible and hard working rescue out of Indianapolis Indiana.  The group works to provide education, training, re-homing, and other services for both their community and pit bulls.  Yet, Ms. Lynn helped herself to information from the organizations site, using it with a flavor to reinforce her personal opinion of the dangers of pit bulls.


It's no secret that Ms. Lynn had to stop using the copyright protected articles that she typically posted on her blog page in the first few years due to threats of copyright infringement by Righthaven.  Ms. Lynn is creative enough in her story-telling abilities that having to remove the news stories of others didn't deter her personal campaign. The Las Vegas Sun article also demonstrates an emerging pattern.  Ms. Lynn presents herself as yet another fearful victim; fearful of being sued and a victim of the prohibition of using others stories and work to further her own political movement.

Interesting that Lynn feels so strongly about the right to use the information of others and yet files a complaint on YouTube accusing FuZupf of violating her rights to a story she voluntarily decided to publish on Scribd.

It seems clear that Ms. Lynn wishes to keep the truth about the specifics of her attack quiet.  She has told a number of different versions of the incident, including the version in the Las Vegas Sun depicting a nearly severed arm from a leashed pit bull.  Then, there is the version she shared with Marty Moss-Coane on the Radio Times interview when Colleen stated, "the dog, the pit bull broke free from her and uh that's when I knew something wrong was happening and it jumped, ya know it kind of ran in front of me and it just kind of sat in the middle of the sidewalk and at that point I completely stopped running.  And I just kind of stood there like 'oh my gosh what's about to happen' and it jumped on my chest, knocked me to the ground and immediately went for my neck and I protected myself, uhh, put my forearm in front of my face, and uhh, and I could've ended up like Christine."  When Marty asked about her injuries her response was less dramatic than in the Las Vegas Sun story.  She said she had injuries to her right forearm that had healed, not mentioning that her arm was allegedly 'nearly severed.'

Perhaps Ms. Lynn wishes to obtain the identity of FuZupf through her complaint. FuZupf has posted video's in answer to Ms. Lynn's campaign a number of times over the last few years, and has been a recognizable thorn in her side. Even her co-bloggers have attacked FuZupf's character.  Based on personal attacks of others, as well as Lynn's well known co-bloggers, FuZupf would have legitimate worries about family members being dragged into Ms. Lynn's crosshairs should she learn FuZupf's true identity. 

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