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Readers Rebut Alan Beck's Testimony

Readers Rebut Alan Beck's Testimony


Depostion of Alan Beck

What Statistics Was He Referring To?

Readers have responded to some of the statements made by Alan Beck in his deposition, and statisitics of the National Canine Research Council have been cited.  Below I will show the statment made by Beck and the readers' rebuttal.

Q:           (I)f you got rid of all pit bulls…would you eliminate all child fatalities from dog bites?
A:           In the experiences that exist, it has very much close to that effect. When Winnipeg, Manatoba…banned the pit bull in 1991… they have not had a fatality since.  (T)he slope of the dog bites has been going down. In other cities that have had some kind of     management of pit bulls, there’s been a significant drop in fatalities.


There has NEVER been a fatal attack by a pit bull or pit bull type dog in Winnipeg. Prior to the ban a young child was killed by a husky-type dog in Winnipeg. Most of the severe attacks in Winnipeg, prior to the ban, were by non-pit bull type dogs. A study* of severe and fatal injuries done in a Winnipeg Pediatric Hospital listed 3 life-threatening and 1 fatal attack by dogs. None of the dogs involved in these incidents were pit bulls or pit bull type dogs. 

* Major Dog Attack Injuries in Children, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, October 1983, Vol XVIII, No.5

*     *    *    *    *
There has only been ONE fatal attack by a pit bull or pit bull type dog in Canada over the past 45+ years. See complete list of fatal attacks in Canada at:

Also, see the "success" of Ontario and Winnipeg's BSL in "reducing dog bites" as compared to Calgary 

I welcome all scientific rebuttal commentary and will publish it here for people to evaluate.


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