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Keith Sikora 23.06.2011 (19:45:24)  
Pit Bulls in Cincinnati No0  

Dear Mr. Kray,

My wife and I are (currently) residents of the horrible and inhumane city of Cincinnati, OH. This is a city, for some reason, flies under the radar of having a very strict pit bull ban. As proud owners of a pit bull who have just recently moved here in the last 1 year, we are now horrified in hearing about a recent "crackdown" of pit bull owners in the city, leading to owner fines and the destruction of these dogs. My questions to you; is there any current or future legal challenges against this prejudicial law? If not, is there any hope for future in this city?

Fred M. Kray 24.06.2011 (02:51:54)  
Cincinnati No0  


I know of no current litigation in Cincinnati, but there are people in Ohio who are trying to get the State law changed:

They have a facebook page:

There is always the possibility that a pit bull owner could file suit against the City of Cincinnati-as was done in Lakewood, Ohio (still going on) and Toledo (a case that ended up changing the law in Toledo to be breed neutral.

Carrie Martin 15.09.2011 (15:10:38)  
Dogs DO Deserve Better No0  


Michael Vick's former Bad Newz Kennel continues to be bad news for rescued dogs. Recently, Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) purchased the property to turn it into a rehab facility for chained dogs.

On Tuesday, September 13, DDB's National Rescue Coordinator, Shannon Allen, publicly resigned based on questionable and illegal activities by founder Tamira Thayne. Other former reps have come forward with stories of animal abuse and neglect committed by Thayne, along with allegations of misappropriated funds.

A Facebook page called Bring Joel Home (BJH) was created after DDB unfairly confiscated an abused and emaciated pitbull, Joel, after he was nurtured and brought back to health by foster volunteer Dr. Suzanne Fiala of Seattle, WA. Dr. Fiala lost a court case against DDB in the custody of Joel.

Allen was an outspoken voice on behalf of DDB during the case and publically battled it out with Dr. Fiala and BJH supporters. Along with Allen’s resignation, she wrote a statement of apology to Dr. Fiala and her supporters on BJH’s Facebook page for her involvement in the case.

Since Allen’s resignation, BJH’s Facebook admins have been inundated with messages from former DDB reps sharing similar experiences with Tamira Thayne. Background on the custody case and details of Allen’s resignation can be found on the BJH Facebook page under the comments and discussion section.


Barb Wheeler 01.09.2012 (12:32:09)  
Dont jump news article No0’t-jump-conclusions

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