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Armistead Gardens Eviction - The Facts

Armistead Gardens Eviction - Legal?

If you've heard about the mass eviction from Armistead Gardens for pit bull owners, you've heard right. We will be covering this in great detail on our show of August 28, 2012. If you want to have some context for the show, you can read the eviction letter here.

The letter was obviously written before the Reconsideration Motion was granted, since it refers to mixed or cross bred pit bulls.  As we have said on the show numerous times, the corporation cannot knock on your door and seize your pitbull and/or throw you out on the street.  The lease cannot be changed during its term without the consent of the parties.

The question is, did the corporation follow all the procedures for notice, quorum and voting in passing the eviction resolution. Nothing is yet known regarding that issue-the corporation has not provided any documents to anyone to document such proceedings, and apparently there is turmoil on the board.  There is supposed to be a meeting tonight, and there is an attorney who is trying to file an injuction.  Find out the rest of the story tommorrow night at 8:00 pm EST.


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