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Miami Dade Changes Classification Percentage for Pit Bulls

Miami-Dade Changes Classification Percentage for Pit Bulls


Percentage changes from 50% to 70%

Miami Dade classifies Pit Bulls using a visual checklist.  Nobody knows where the original checklist came from. It started out with one check list for "Pit Bulls," and if your dog met 50% of the visual characteristics, it was declared a Pit Bull and was banished from the county or euthanized.  The checklist has been modified over the years, and now there are three different checklists for the three breeds of dogs that comprise the category of Pit Bull.

Recently, Miami Dade changed the percentage of visual characteristics for classification from 50% to 70%.  Nobody knows why, and the County has been completely and utterly silent on the issue.  I'm not even sure if it has been announced publicly. When the County was asked via email if they would reclassify a dog that had been classified under the 50% rule under the new 70% requirement, they responded that no re-classification would be done.

The 70% rule actually does meet the "clear and convincing" evidence standard required in forfeiture cases in Florida, and perhaps they are trying to head off that type of legal challenge.  But I don't think they are that proactive.

It would be interesting to see a legal challenge by an owner previously classified as 50% now requesting an automatic de-classification under the new rule.

Yvette 06.02.2012 (23:56:12)  
pitbulls No0  

they are amazing dogs and should not be punished for something that they are forced to do or act like. if they were humans, they would be victims!

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