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Arnold v. City of Denver Settled

Denver Still Allegedly Using Stormtroop Tactics
To Pick Up Pit Bulls

Ms. Dias' group "The Pit Bull Band" was also involved in the case of Arnold v. The City of Denver. The Complaint, a must read, alleges stormtroop gestapo like tactics used by Denver Animal Control to round up pit bulls and can be read here. Denver animal control, the complaint says, is picking up pit bulls guilty of nothing but looking like the breed with guns drawn, threats of breaking down the front door, threatening messages left on the phone, and entry without a search warrant. It's all there, and more. This is America?  This is a the land of the free?  Sounds more like the Gestapo to me. These dogs have not even done anything. The discussion on the radio show about the case can be heard at the link below:

Arnold came about because at the time it was filed, it was not known how the Tenth Circuit would rule in the Dias case, so a decision was made to challenge the practices and policies of Denver Animal Control in picking up, identifying and litigating pit bull issues. The Arnold case was settled, with an agreement being reached to make Denver have fairer practices and procedures.  I have not seen the agreement, but Ms. Dias alleges that Denver has not implemented all of the agreed upon practices. The only way to enforce the settlement agreement, is to file yet another lawsuit.  We will be watching this as it unfolds and reporting as facts become available.


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