Last updateFri, 04 Jul 2014 5pm

Dias v. City of Denver Settled

Sonya Dias Announces Settlement on PBLN Radio

Last night on PBLN Radio, Sonya Dias announced that the landmark case of Dias v. City of Denver had settled.  You can listen the show at the link below.

It was a bittersweet announcement, because the case was settled midway through the legal process, before a trial on the merits.  It had taken five years to get to the point that a trial could even take place, and based on the resources available and the prospect of several more years of litigation, a decision was made to settle and leave intact the Tenth Circuit's opinion that held there was a triable question of fact as to whether Denver's BSL had a rational basis to public safety.  So while the case did not result in overturning BSL in Denver, it remains the only case in the country where a court has ruled that BSL may be challenged under the rational basis test.


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