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Cane Corso Mauling Transformed to Pit Bull Killing

Cane Corso Killing Reported by New York Times Transformed Into Pit Bull Attack

Illustrates Media Bias

The New York Times reported a Cane Corso attack killing a child in which the dog was apparently trained by one of the residents as a guard dog. The full story can be read here. It's a tragic story, but training that size dog to attack and then leaving it alone with children?

In my newspaper today, the Associated Press reported the same story, but identified the dog as a Pit Bull. "A 4 year old boy was fatally mauled by a pit bull Friday night in his Brooklyn home."  The AP will now spread that story far and wide - and the pit bull "breed" will be further defamed.  Send this link out far and wide.


Nuria 29.05.2011 (19:21:54)  
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Post the link so we can leave comments at your paper and tell them to get their facts straight!

fmkray 29.05.2011 (19:54:39)  
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Every local newspaper gets some of their content from the Associated Press or AP. In this case, the AP is the one that has misrepresented the facts, and that is unfortunate, because other papers just publish it without fact checking.

sk 30.05.2011 (07:25:09)  
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As someone who works in animal rescue, mostly cats, I would suggest that alot of folks don't know the difference between a pit and a cane corso. I don't think the article meant to call out pits, just an honest mistake. Im always interested in pitbull info, as they are a problem in my county in GA. Mostly roaming offleash, and attacking folks. Would love to see these beautiful animals go to a good home, but sadly, they are euthanized here. the trend here is to shoot the pits up with steroids to make them meaner! Please help us with any info you can share!

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