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Dogs Deserve Better - Trial Transcript on Jada's Seizure

Judge Looks At Photos and Decides Case

It's really old news, but Tamira Thayne went to trial and got back the one dog seized by Animal Control. PBLN has gotten the trial transcript, so what actually happened at the trial can be reviewed.  The trial transcript from the court  hearing is here. It appears from the transcript that the state has a witness who made a complaint about the dogs being crated for long hours and maced.  That witness moved to North Carolina and was not available for the hearing. There is a lot of legal argument about whether the State can ask for a continuance, but the judge decides he must move forward with the trial because the statute is mandatory that the trial must occur within 10 days of seizure.

The animal control officer who seized the dog really had no independent evidence to justify seizure. There is some "Halt" in the house, but nobody can say it was used on Jada. Thayne and a veterinarian testified that dogs were well cared for, and presented pictures of Jada when she was taken in scarred and beat up, and the day she was seized.  The judge dismisses the State's case, saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." Is there, in his pronouncement, a question as to the merits of bringing the case?

Read for yourself and you decide.

Thayne's criminal trial is currently scheduled for March 5, 2013.

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