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Here are the sites I review to keep up with developments in Breed Specific Legislation. In alphabetical order:

  1. Bless The Bullies - This site is run by the most hardworking blogger on the internet when it comes to BSL - she publishes a daliy newsletter covering BSL issues all across the US which I read every day to find out what's happening on all issues pertaining
    to Pit Bulls - I am in awe of her work ethic.
  2. Dog Bites: Information - The best site on the web to see the objective core scientific studies relating to Pit Bulls and BSL.
  3. K.C. Dog Blog - The site is run by Brent Toellner who follows all the dog attacks arounds the country and follows every issue related to Pit Bulls and BSL - a daily must read for anyone interested in BSL - the man is a workhorse and his site is a goldmine.
  4. National Canine Research Institute - This site is run by folks who care deeply about Pit Bull, including Karen Delise, who probably has the most accurate statistics on dog bites, statisitics, breed identification, and the current Pit Bull media fueled hysteria.  She has authored the seminal book on the issue of the history of the Pit Bull, demonization of the breed, and the innaccuracy of Pit Bull bite statistics.  It is entitled the Pit Bull Placebo, and forms the basis of the science used to try to defeat BSL.
  5. Stop BSL - if you want to know what states, cities, or other entities are considering BSL, this is the place to check.

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